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Collaboration Tools

You likely have your team working from home, in the office, or a hybrid mix of the two. Collaboration tools make it possible to have your team collaborate together from anywhere at any time.

What Collaboration Tools Do For Your Business


Increase Team Productivity

Online collaboration tools allow for increased productivity and efficiency. No matter where your team is working, you can instantly access and share information with each other. 


Easy Access to Critical Data

Access your files from anywhere at any time, on any device with online collaboration tools. 


Improve Your Workflow

Improve the workflow of your team with access to a suite of online collaboration tools. Together your team will be able to chat, write, share, and more!


Collaborate as a Team

No matter where your team is or what timezone they are in, you’ll be able to meet with your team, brainstorm and build ideas, organize files, and more when you use online collaboration tools.


Share and Present

Want feedback on a document, or want to present a project? Collaboration tools easily allow you to chat online, share your screen, and receive real-time feedback.


Real-Time Online Collaboration

Online collaboration tools allow for your team to work together in real-time in online documents, meetings, and more. Near or far, your team can work seamlessly without ever leaving your desk.

More About Collaboration Tools

Now more than ever before, having reliable and secure online collaboration tools are essential to efficient workflow. With online collaboration tools such as Microsoft 365, you can work as a team from anywhere at any time. These tools make it easy for you to:

  • Attend online meetings 
  • Co-author documents in real-time with your team 
  • Share files with colleagues 
  • Access your data from any device

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AlphaKOR Group is proud to have worked with numerous businesses all across Windsor-Essex County. This means we have experience deploying successful IT projects in a wide range of verticals. We have the experiencepersonnel, and technology to provide exceptional business technology solutions to every industry.


100+ IT Services Projects


100+ IT Services Projects

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100+ IT Services Projects


100+ IT Services Projects

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100+ IT Services Projects

Your Questions About Collaboration Tools


Can I Restrict Access to Specific Files?

Yes. You can choose to share files with your whole team or organization or restrict access for specific users. With access controls, you’ll also be able to control user permissions or stop sharing your files at any time.


How Many Users Can Collaborate at Once?

Real-time collaboration capabilities are practically endless! With online collaboration tools, you’ll be able to share and collaborate with unlimited users.


How Can I Present a Project Online?

There are many ways to present a project using various collaboration tools. For example, with Microsoft Teams you can invite your team to a call and then share your screen to present your work.


Can I Use Collaboration Tools On Any Device?

Collaborate with your team from any device! Whether you are using a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, you can instantly access your data with a single-sign on.

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