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User Protection

With user protection, we manage your user security to stay ahead of malware, ransomware, and cyberthreats. Protect your users regardless of what device, software, or network they are on.

What User Protection Does For Your Business


Protect Your Users From Threats

Protect your users from the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. Our user protection is designed to always stay ahead of threats and keep your users safe. 


Protection for Phishing, Malware, and more

Regardless of the device, network, or application used, we’ll protect your users from phishing, malware, attacks, and spam.


Suitable for all Business Devices

Secure your user’s devices such as desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.


Part of Your Endpoint Strategy

We’ll protect your corporate network by providing security on all the endpoints that your users have access to.


A Solution that's Flexible

Whether you rely on a local, cloud, or hybrid IT infrastructure, we have flexible deployment models to fit the structure of your organization.


Disrupts Incoming Cyberattacks

In the event that your device is hit with a cyberattack, our user protection service disrupts the attack and effectively stops it. 

More About User Protection

The volume and sophistication of cybersecurity threats have grown in today’s corporate landscape, especially with teams working remotely, both on and off your corporate network. With this, the need for advanced endpoint security solutions has also grown. 

Our endpoint security solutions are designed to detect, analyze, block, and prevent cyberattacks. We work to provide user protection no matter what device your team is using. By securing your team’s devices they will be protected from network or cloud cybersecurity threats. 

Email remains to be the most common form of business communication, but how and where email is used is changing. 

Email is often used as a primary channel for hackers to spread malware, spam, and phishing. We offer cloud-based email security solutions such as data encryption, anti-virus protection, and spam filters can help protect your users and prevent cyberthreats.

Our Web Security solutions work to secure your organization’s websites, web applications, and web services to protect your users and your data.

Our advanced systems protect your infrastructure’s cybersecurity by detecting, preventing, and responding to cyber threats which reduce the risk of successful hacks.

AlphaKOR Group provides user protection services to secure your staff’s:

  • Endpoint devices such as laptops, desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets
  • Email
  • Applications
  • Web security

In today’s corporate landscape, more users are working remotely leaving more security vulnerabilities open for potential attacks. By focusing on user protection, you can enhance the security of your IT infrastructure wherever your staff is working. 

Our flexible deployment options allow us to provide user protection whether you rely on cloud, on premise, or hybrid IT infrastructure.

We Would Love to Be Your IT Provider

AlphaKOR Group is proud to have worked with numerous businesses all across Windsor-Essex County. This means we have experience deploying successful IT projects in a wide range of verticals. We have the experiencepersonnel, and technology to provide exceptional business technology solutions to every industry.


100+ IT Services Projects


100+ IT Services Projects

Health Care

100+ IT Services Projects


100+ IT Services Projects

Professional Services

100+ IT Services Projects

Your Questions About User Protection


What Happens If My User's Device is Attacked?

Our end-point user protection services allow us to monitor all cyber threats and attacks. If your device is attacked, we effectively disrupt the attack and stop it from happening. 


Does this Apply to My Remote Workforce?

Our user protection services apply to your workforce both on and off your corporate network. Whether your team is working in the office or from home, our flexible deployment options allow us to secure your team from anywhere, on any device. 


How Do You Secure All My User's Devices?

With our flexible deployment options, we can secure your devices no matter what IT infrastructure you have. We are equipped to secure your user’s devices whether they are on-site, on the cloud, or hybrid based.


Do You Prevent Cyberattacks From Happening?

Yes we do. Our advanced systems are able to detect potential threats before they reach your network. Once detected, we work to prevent the attack from happening and respond to it accordingly. 

Schedule a Meeting with AlphaKOR

When an AlphaKORian is assigned to assess your business network, no stone gets left unturned. You will have a comprehensive understanding of how your operation matches current industry standards, where your vulnerabilities are, and how you can optimize output with technology.

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