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Managed Services

Managing Business IT Operations

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Managed Infrastructure

Technology is not only an asset. It is a major investment for your organization. We can arm you with the insight you need on how these assets are performing. 

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Our infrastructure monitoring services begin with the lowest layer of your network, analyzing physical and virtual devices. 

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vCIO and vITM

We offer vCIO and vITM support. Get consistent, up-to-date, and expert information technology advice so you can run your business the way it’s meant to be run.

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24/7 Service Desk

AlphaKOR’s 24/7 Service Desk is the single point of contact between your users and IT support! Our Service Desk manages user communication, service requests, and incidents. 

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IT Staff Augmentation

AlphaKOR’s IT Outsourcing is a comprehensive solution for your complex technology challenges. We will deliver the technical expertise your business needs at a lower cost than hiring your own IT staff.

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Managed Cloud Services

AlphaKOR will help you with all your cloud needs from start to finish! With AlphaKOR’s Managed Cloud Services, you’ll be able to transform your business processes and unlock the benefits of the cloud.

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Managed Cybersecurity

Managed IT security works to prevent unauthorized access to your business resources, networks, and data. It is a set of strategies developed and implemented by our experts to keep your business protected.

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24/7 Advanced SOC Solutions

AlphaKOR will fully manage threats against your business with our Cybersecurity Operations Centre (SOC) service, which includes our 24/7/365 monitoring.

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SIEM Solutions

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a security solution designed to help organizations detect security vulnerabilities before they become harmful. Protect your network with the latest SIEM solutions.

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Managed Endpoint Detection

Without protection in place, your user endpoints are a key vulnerability in your network. Eliminate significant risks with Managed EDR.

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Cloud Threat Detection

AlphaKOR’s Cloud Threat Detection and Response (CTDR) services protect your organization from cloud business application compromises on platforms such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Gmail. 

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Cybersecurity User Training

The first step in defending your network is knowing how to! Your employees are your first line of defence against common cyber attacks, including phishing and ransomware. 

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Consulting Services

Consulting goes far beyond just creating a proposal. AlphaKOR IT consulting supports your business’s goals, hindrances, and decisions. Do you know if your business is headed in the right direction?

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IT Planning and Strategy

Is your IT infrastructure aligned with your business strategy? We work with your organization to optimize your IT infrastructure for your current and future business needs. 

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery are solutions to ensure your organization’s continuity in the event of a disaster. Data and backup recovery work to avoid unplanned downtime.

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Business Continuity

Whether manmade or natural, as a business leader you must plan for your business continuity in the event of a disaster. Let AlphaKOR align your technology strategy with your business goals.

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Incident Response Plan

AlphaKOR’s Incident Response Plan service defines an organized approach to handling threats. This includes threats to computers and data, as well as how to respond appropriately. 

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