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Infrastructure Monitoring

Our infrastructure monitoring services begin with the lowest layer of your network, analyzing physical and virtual devices. You’ll gain tactical insight to improve your business decisions.


Monitor How Your Systems perform

Infrastructure monitoring works to ensure that your IT equipment is performing at an optimal level to maintain your business.


Improve Your Business Decisions

By monitoring your IT infrastructure, you’ll gain tactical insight to improve your business decisions.


We Provide Uptime Insight

The monitoring of your systems provides you with information about uptime and performance.


We Monitor From Bottom to Top

Our infrastructure monitoring services begin with the lowest layer of your network, analyzing physical and virtual devices.


We Monitor Your Software

We will analyze and report on the status of your operating systems and production software on your servers and network devices.


Interpretation Monitoring

Our infrastructure monitoring process will integrate tools that will provide data visualization in simplified reports and dashboard view.

More Information

We have the ability to perform real-time monitoring, we can keep all of your technology assets (devices, networks) running smoothly 24/7/365, keeping your servers, mission-critical computers, and other devices up and running and fully productive.

Infrastructure monitoring allows analysts to determine whether your IT infrastructure is performing to expected service levels, is online and operating, and aids in resolving detected problems. The basic types of infrastructure monitoring are as follows:

  • Availability monitoring
  • Web performance monitoring
  • Application management/ application performance management (APM)
  • API monitoring
  • Real user monitoring (RUM)
  • Security monitoring
  • Business activity monitoring (BAM)

Various tools are used to perform infrastructure monitoring. These tools can be broken down into three general categories:

  • Observational tools: Basic infrastructure monitoring tools that are used to observe hardware, software, or services. Observational tools report back on their operational effectiveness.
  • Analysis tools: Infrastructure monitoring tools that take observational data and analyze it to determine the origin of problems, and why they may be occurring.
  • Engagement tools: Tools that are designed to act on the information and insights from the observational and analysis tools.

We Would Love to Be Your IT Provider

AlphaKOR Group is proud to have worked with numerous businesses all across Windsor-Essex County. This means we have experience deploying successful IT projects in a wide range of verticals. We have the experiencepersonnel, and technology to provide exceptional business technology solutions to every industry.


100+ IT Services Projects


100+ IT Services Projects

Health Care

100+ IT Services Projects


100+ IT Services Projects

Professional Services

100+ IT Services Projects

Your Questions About Infrastructure Monitoring


How Does Infrastructure Monitoring Help?

By monitoring your systems, end-user behaviours, and applications, our infrastructure monitoring tools will help identify areas within your infrastructure that can be improved such as any vulnerabilities or weak spots.


Are All Monitoring Strategies the Same?

Infrastructure monitoring strategies will differ from organization to organization as your infrastructure is unique to your business. We’ll tailor a custom strategy to meet your business needs.


Is Infrastructure Monitoring Automated?

Infrastructure monitoring tools are primarily automated and can perform a series of complex actions such as detecting, monitoring, and solving threats without human interaction.


Does Monitoring Help Management?

Infrastructure monitoring works to provide insights related to management and performative information. These insights can be leveraged to make tactical business decisions.

Schedule a Meeting with AlphaKOR

When an AlphaKORian is assigned to assess your business network, no stone gets left unturned. You will have a comprehensive understanding of how your operation matches current industry standards, where your vulnerabilities are, and how you can optimize output with technology.

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