KareFTP is a secure File Transfer Protocol software developed by AlphaKOR Group. Our solution offers a collaborative and secure workspace for multiple users, with multiple security settings. KareFTP offers various packages to suit your needs.


Need to manage large files? Store up to 50GB of files in your own customized space with unlimited folders! When you need to share those files, simply click and email, or offer a secure URL to view them. KareFTP even offers permission settings for added security.

KareFTP allows you to store, collaborate, manage, share, and transfer your corporate files like never before! Our file transfer protocol software is secure and reliable with a higher than 99.9% uptime. Your account includes multiple users, unlimited folders, and a customizable home page.

KareFTP was developed by AlphaKOR Group – a leading full service technology firm committed to providing you a safe and secure space to import, save, and transfer your company’s data.

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With KareFTP you can share documents and files
with contacts outside your list of FTP Users.

Technology can provide your company with the added security and productivity boost you’ve been looking for. Often times technology business projects can get derailed before they’re even considered a viable option. This could be due to the lack of information and ROI presented to your executives. We’re here to educate you and your team to plan and build project proposals that match the way CEOs think.

Send Files

You can send files directly from your FTP to an email address of your choosing. Along with the file, you will have the ability to send a message as well. The contact will then receive an attachment that will have all the documents and files you sent.

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Share Folders With Public URL

Want to share your files with a group of outside contacts? KareFTP gives you this flexibility by allowing you to share your folders with a public URL. You can even password protect the URL for additional security.

password protected file transfer protocol

Organize Your Shared Files

KareFTP is the right solution when a number of shared files and folders need to be meticulously organized. Our solution offers ‘drag and drop’ file upload capability, and the ability to create an unlimited amount of folders and subfolders for your files. Even more impressive, is that you can set permissions for EACH file and folder for additional security. Share files with clients and outside contacts and feel confident that they will only have access to the files you allow.

Organizing Files

For each folder you can quickly UPLOAD a new file, DOWNLOAD files to a zip folder, DELETE files, and SEND files – all with the check of a box! To the right of each file, you can easily download a copy to save/modify locally, rename a file, and quickly delete a file.

All permissions you see in the image above are subject to permissions. Standard users may have the ability to view/download files, but not to rename, edit, or delete files if you so choose.

file transfer protocol folders

Managing Folders

Create as many folders and subfolders as your company requires. For each folder, you have the ability to rename, delete, and manage Users and Permissions.

Managing Users allows you to activate and deactivate users, reset passwords, and manage display names.

Manage Permissions allows the administrator to set permissions for each user. You have the ability to determine who can view, edit, or delete files, and who can create folders.

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Simple File Transfer

KareFTP offers flexible solutions for all your File Transfer needs. Quickly set up a temporary folder and you have the option to either share that folder with your chosen contacts, or send files to your contacts via email. For added security, you can also password-protect your folders. Save yourself the burden of multiple emails, or the risk of using an untrusted web source to send your large files.

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Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Folders and Security Permission Levels

Looking for a secure space to store critical business files? KareFTP offers up to 50GB of storage space so you can download, upload, share, and collaborate better than ever before. You can also set up as many folders and sub-folders as you’d like. When storing business files it’s incredibly important to invest in a company that is concerned with security and permissions. KareFTP allows you to determine who has the ability to view, edit, and delete files and folders, and additional permission settings are available for each folder.


Multiple user capability will allow you to truly collaborate with KareFTP. Your free trial includes up to 3 users. Each user will have their own permission settings, allowing collaboration vertically and horizontally across your organization.

Not only is this this the best means of collaborating, it’s also the most secure. You will have the ability to set proxy rules outlining what types of files can be edited or downloaded.

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