KareFM – Funeral Management


KareFM Funeral Management Features will Transform your Business!

Client Management

KareFM funeral management software understands that clients come to your Funeral client_managementHome at various stages of need. KareFM allows you to input clients at the Quote, Pre-Arrangement, and Active stage of need. As well, if a Pre-Arrangement customer becomes Active, you can convert that client within KareFM with a simple mouse click.
Once a client is in your KareFM database, you can then begin to track all the necessary information about the individual, their family, important contacts, and their wishes for arrangement and aftercare. Each client profile allows you to track their information, financials, accounts receivable, obituary request, and ledger.

financial_services_and_packagesFinancial Management

There are many aspects to managing a client's financials within Funeral Home arrangements.  KareFM allows you to manage funeral services, products, professional services, and a wide array of packages.  Within each of these, you can track services and facilities required, equipment and vehicles, and merchandise.

KareFM's robust system even allows you to review disbursements, adjustments, and accounts receivable.  Our software not only notes the beneficiary but also the purchaser, and can track insurance funding and trusted funds.  KareFM automatically populates all data and has the ability to print a client contract in compliance with all provincial and federal adjustments made in 2013.

Contact Database

contact_database_home_pageKareFM's robust contact database allows you to manage the critical contacts within your industry.  KareFM understands there are various professional services that are required during an Active call.  With our software you can manage these references and add notes to each - empowering your entire staff to make the right calls when needed.

With KareFM, you have the ability to create and save important notes for each contact in your database.  This becomes a valuable resource when you need to track such things as service hours, fastest turnaround time, overtime fees, and payment arrangements.  Having these notes will allow your staff to choose the right service professionals to meet the needs of the client at hand.

obituary_and_newspaperObituary & Newspapers

KareFM offers obituary and newspaper notices management as well.  Whether a client at the Pre-Arrangement or Active stage of service, you can begin to add all the necessary information to their Obituary Notice form.  This includes adding their photo, names of family members, special message, and donation requests.  KareFM also allows you to predetermine which newspapers you'd like to send your notice to.  Notices will be sent out as soon as a client is Active.

At any point you can print a report from KareFM that shows all  newspaper notices that have been ordered by client, date range, or newspaper name.

If you have purchased our website package, your obituary notices will be populated automatically on your website as soon as a client is converted to Active.

Multiple Locations

manage_between_locationsDo you operate more than one Funeral Home location? If so, KareFM is the right solution for you.  With a single database, you can manage all your customers and contracts, and move them between each location.

Each location within your business will be treated as its own database, with Administrators having access to all locations, and Standard Users having access to only their location's information.  This way, you can see your business overall and manage each location individually.

report_generatorReport Generator

KareFM's powerful solution allows you to customize the data you see in your daily reports.  Select from a list of columns and headings, and create your own query!  Furthermore, as you add fields of data to customize KareFM to suit your needs, the custom fields can automatically be populated in the Report Fields list.  Below are just some of the fields you can report on with KareFM.

As well, there are standard reports and documents you are able to view and print as needed such as: Statement of Death, Proof of Death, Contract, Obituary, Clergy Record, A/R Ledger, and more.

Benefits of moving to KareFM

KareFM Funeral Management Software has been developed by AlphaKOR Group, a full service technology firm with over 19 years experience. KareFM is built specifically for the needs of independently owned funeral homes. What makes KareFM unique in the marketplace? We offer the most flexible solution on the market today.  You have the option to host the software locally for full control, or use the software as a cloud service with no equipment to buy, and no software to install. KareFM is right for you if your business:

  • Wants to improve the efficiency of your staff
  • Wants to reduce or even eliminate duplication of efforts
  • Wants better access to daily activities and reports
  • Wants your sensitive data to be more secure

KareFM is a database management software manages Pre-Need, At-Need, and Active clients.  KareFM offers additional modules to manage your staff time and attendance, your sales prospecting, and the "In Memoriams" on your website.


It is a pleasure to work with a firm that understands our needs.  We are especially happy with KareFM and the ability to customize the database to suit our unique needs.  Connected directly to our website, the ease, convenience, speed, and seamlessness of the web based software makes KareFM the best solution we have found in the Industry.

~ Windsor Chapel Funeral Homes Ltd.