Job Costing

Manage Job Costing Like Never Before


The Jobs screen allows you to view all open jobs, and drill down to a specific job with a single click.

Once in the Jobs Details screen you’ll see all purchases against that job, and employee hours logged against that job as well. Our Job Costing Module also gives you a grand total profit based on selling price and actual costs associated with the job.

Fully Manage your Job with Tasks Management


Each job requires multiple tasks in order to reach successful completion. Most businesses sell services that are repeatable. For these reasons, KareHR offers Tasks Management which will allow you to create a standard tasks list that can be assigned to any new job that is put into the system.

Manage Customer Information As Well!


KareHR offers a Customer Database within our Job Costing module. This database allows you to keep track

of company contacts, and any notes that are pertinent to a particular company’s needs and tendencies.

Effectively Manage your Vendors

Along with the need to manage your customer database, we understand the need to track and manage your Vendor database as well. Once Customers and Vendors are added to your database, you can assign them to the jobs you’ve got in your module.