KareHR ROI Calculator

Automating your time and attendance with KareHR will deliver an average ROI of $2,000.00 in just one week*!  When your business is fully up and running on KareHR it will take one month OR LESS to achieve a return on your investment.

What is ROI?

The ROI is your Return on Investment.  It is a measure of investment cost to investment gain.  KareHR helps to achieve a positive ROI by automating daunting tasks such as:

  • timekeeping
  • scheduling
  • timecard approvals
  • timecard adjustments

No matter which package you choose, KareHR will save you plenty time, money, and labour hours by:

  • increasing productivity
  • increasing accuracy
  • reducing administrative costs

Interested in learing how much KareHR can save you? Fill out the ROI Calculator and see for yourself the value of automating time and attendance.


This calculator, with independent market research statistics*, will calculate the potential costs your business incurs using your current manual time and attendance and scheduling process. Oftentimes, your ‘free’ or ‘low cost’ process costs you thousands in labour and erroneous data entry every pay period. Enter your current metrics below to immediately calculate your potential costs.

*Data based on American Payroll Association report on inefficiencies of manual time and attendance management.  In most cases, ROI is realized within the first year of investing in KareHR.  Pricing does not include any customization costs.