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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is KareHR?

KareHR is the powerful time and attendance solution developed by AlphaKOR. KareHR+ consists of an all-in-one touchscreen system to record sign ins/outs, and an intuitive web interface. KareHR automates your time and attendance management, and will communicate with almost any payroll system.

Q What is Biometrics?

Biometrics is the practice of automatically identifying people by one or more physical characteristics. Biometrics has become popular in time and attendance solutions because it is nearly impossible to duplicate a fingerprint and clock out on behalf of another staff member (buddy punching).

Q How does the Fingerprint ID Work?

The software records a template of an employee’s fingerprint, and when registered, associates that fingerprint with the employee’s name (or employee number). With each sign in/out, the employee will be identified based on the various points in their unique fingerprint.

Q Why Should I Automate My Business?

When you move from a paper solution, you eliminate the need for hours of manual tallying, and automate any tardiness grace or penalty policies, overtime, and so much more!  An automated system can even show you labour reports and job costing – giving you a deeper understanding of your operating costs.

Q Will Training/Installation Disrupt My Business?

The installation of the all-in-one units, do not affect your business at all. They are stand-alone units that mount to the wall of your business in areas near each entrance. Enrolling an employee’s fingerprint takes approximately 3 minutes.

Q Who Developed KareHR?

AlphaKOR Group is the leading full service technology firm in Windsor-Essex. AlphaKOR has been successfully developing technology solutions since 1995. KareHR was developed out of a defined need for a RELIABLE, AFFORDABLE, AUTOMATED time and attendance solution in the market place.

Q How Do I Become a KareHR Customer?

There are a few simple questions that need to be answered to determine if your company is a good fit for KareHR. At the same time, we’ll be able to customize a KareHR package that works for your business based on the number of employees, number of locations, and the nature of your business. Book a FREE Demo today!

Want to Know More?

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