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KareHR Features


Time & Attendance Management

At a Glance

Our simple to use web based software system will automate the way you manage time and attendance. Replace your time sheets and punch clocks with a sophisticated all-in-one touchscreen system, bio-metric fingerprint reader, and intuitive web interface!

Manage current activity, work records, time sheets, job costing, and so much more with our powerful solution.



The CURRENT ACTIVITY screen provides a snapshot of staff whereabouts and is available to all standard users on KareHR. You will know in real-time who’s in the building, who’s out and returning, and who’s late or not in at all for the day.

The Current Activity screen meets Health and Safety requirements of tracking staff, and your receptionist will be able to effectively manage the phones knowing who’s in, who’s not, and when staff may be returning.



Take a quick snapshot of your employee hours by employee name, department, and time frame.

With KareHR timecard management you’ll also have the ability to view number of days off, regular hours worked, overtime hours worked, double time hours, holiday hours, vacation hours, and sick hours per employee.



Your employee database holds information for each employee – and with the right credentials, you can view, edit, and deactivate employees. Here you’ll also manage the departments within your firm. As an administrator, you’ll have access to set an employee’s wage, night shift premium, vacation time allotted, sick days allotted, and overtime threshold.



Each organization runs a bit differently. Knowing this, KareHR allows you to fully customize the shifts you create in order to run your business. Add full time, part time, and flex shifts as well!

Each shift allows you to set tardiness thresholds, lunch deductions, and early/late sign out rules as needed. Once the shifts are set and they are assigned to each employee, your time and attendance manager is almost fully automated.


karehr system options

KareHR offers more flexibility than any of its competitors! In the system you can adjust all your timecard settings, timeclock client settings, and department head permissions.

As well, you have the ability to manage sign out locations, late email notifications, and late rules.

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