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Statistics From Cisco Umbrella Analytics for Canada 2018

The 2019 AlphaKOR Ransomware Report is comprised of statistics pulled from a survey of over 2500 managed service providers (MSPs), like AlphaKOR , across the US & Canada with survey data extracted to show Canadian only responses.

The report provides unique visibility into the state of ransomware from the perspective of the business owners and IT Professionals who are dealing with these infections on a daily basis. The report provides a wealth of detail on ransomware, including year over year trends, frequency, targets, impact, and recommendations for ensuring recovery and business continuity in the face of the growing threat.

In This White Paper You Will Learn:

  • The Most Prominent Malware Threats to Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (SMB)
  • The latest Ransomware Attack Statistics
  • How Ransomware Works
  • Case  Studies
  • Average Cost of a Ransomware Attack
  • Ransomware and the Cloud
  • Most Targeted System By Ransomware
  • How to Build a Ransomware Response Plan
  • The Future Of Ransomware

best ransomware defense implementation

Learn what business leaders need to know about social media marketing

If you are in B2B or Consumer Sales…especially if you have been for more than 20 years, you may find that the “Elephant” in the room is starting to crowd you…and it’s name is Social Media or more specifically, Digital Marketing. There is a better way of looking at this change – by realizing it is not a change at all.

From brand image, advertising, list building, ROI calculations and customer retention strategies, along with the need to provide prompt service and support…NOTHING has changed in business for the last 20 or even the last 70 years. The only thing that needs to change is your perspective.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • Why you need to focus on digital marketing
  • Basic SEO Techniques
  • The benefits of different social media platforms
  • what is Google Adwords
  • How to calculate your ROI
  • Some friendly advice on how much you should invest
  • Case studies

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How To Be Persuasive When Planning A Business Project

When running a business, the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions can be one of the most  Important skills a CEO can cultivate. Everything that matters in business when it comes to making money are customers, growth, cash, margin, and return on assets. Business excellence alone is not sufficient. True business acumen needs an understanding of these money making building blocks.

In This White Paper You Will Learn:

  • How To Use The Language Of Business To Your Advantage
  • What Is Business Acumen
  • How To Use Technology In Terms Of Business Benefits
  • How To Build A Clear Plan
  • How To Get Results
  • What Key Questions You Need To Ask
  • How To Tie It All Together!

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