Cloud Applications

Define Your business cloud strategy

Take a look at your entire operation.

Understand the workloads, the permissions, and the amount of data required to perform each critical function in your business.

Now look at functionality.

Which elements within your business would benefit MOST from a migration to the Cloud? Consider business elements that enhance operational flexibility or have strategic value.

Where does my data go?

The 'Cloud' is a web based storage strategy.  This way, you don't have to manage, monitor, or worry about storage inside your own business network.

How do I get started in the Cloud?

We'll sit down with you and understand with you how you use, move, and access corporate data.  A proper assessment will ensure you leverage one of these three cloud strategies:

  • Private Cloud Model
  • Public Cloud Model
  • Hybrid Cloud-On Premise Model

Popular A La Carte Cloud Solutions Available Through AlphaKOR:

checkmarkServers in the Cloud

checkmarkCloud Backup

checkmarkHosted Anti-Spam Protection

checkmarkEmail continuity

checkmarkWeb Security

checkmarkHosted Exchange

checkmarkHosted Disaster Recovery

checkmarkWAN & Cloud Optimization


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