Data Backup

How reliable is your traditional Data Backup?

Data backup solutions are typically comprised of Media, Human Interaction, Software and Hardware. These are also the highest risk elements within your backup and recovery.

Backup and storage should be like insurance. You invest in PEACE OF MIND - knowing that your critical data is taken care of in the event of an issue or emergency.

Until now, you have only been investing in hardware and solutions that promise to be reliable at the point of installation - not the peace of mind and confidence that your backup and incremental data storage will continue to function properly, 24/7.

AlphaKOR offers Managed Backup solutions that give you that assurance - knowing that your backup solution is being monitored and maintained for full functionality, so it is ready to work when it's needed most.

3 Reasons to Upgrade your Backup:

Corruption of Backup Media: Portable media are subject to corruption through moisture, magnetic force, and fingerprints. Once corrupt, you have nothing to restore.

Length of Time to Restore: Finding your recovery device, getting it to your location and then restoring will cost you valuable business time.

Privacy Compliance Issues: Privacy laws make it illegal for you to store your backup  at your home or another office, and can result in legal action.



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