Disaster Planning

What is your contingency plan?

In today's globally connected world, customers, partners, and mobile users need access to your data and applications 24/7. Proactive measures are required to ensure the resiliency of your business IT infrastructure and provide near-immediate service recovery for mission-critical applications.

As a CIO, CEO, or IT Manager, it is your responsibility to secure an IT/business recovery plan as well as the proper resources to execute than plan. You should have a clear path to follow in case of a partial or complete system failure.

What you Need to Know About YOUR Business:

  • What are the possible failure scenarios?
  • What is "critical data" within your organization?
  • When should a full backup be performed?
  • How can you verify that a backup was successfully performed?
  • How long will you save backups?
  • How much time will it take to restore a backup?
  • Where will your backup be stored?
  • What is your plan if servers are physically damaged?


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