Kare FTP

Share and collaborate like never before

KareFTP allows you to store, collaborate, manage, share, and transfer your corporate files like never before! Our file transfer protocol software is secure and reliable with a higher than 99.9% uptime.

Your account includes multiple users, unlimited folders, and a customizable home page.  KareFTP was developed by AlphaKOR Group - a leading full service technology firm committed to providing you a safe and secure space to import, save, and transfer your company's data.

KareFTP has a full website with tons of great information.  Click the button below to view the full site.

With KareFTP you can also share documents and files with contacts outside your list of FTP Users in two ways:

#1: Send Files directly from your FTP to an email address of your choosing.

#2: Share Folders  with a public URL.  You can even password protect the URL for additional security.

Visit Full KareFTP Website Now


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