Moving to the Cloud

The right solutions to move your business to the cloud

Now is the perfect time to start moving critical aspects of your business to the cloud. Cloud computing has never been more secure, more affordable, and more reliable.  The cost savings are enormous! By incorporating cloud applications and storage into their business, IT professionals expect to save 31% over the next 5 years!

Q: I don't know which part of my business, or if all of it, should be moved to the cloud?
A: There are portions of your business that are already in the cloud! The most popular cloud based solutions are: email, collaboration software, financials and accounting. Now is the time to review your ENTIRE infrastructure and determine which elements should be moved to the cloud next.

Q: Have you considered Software as a Service (SaaS)?
A: Upgrading your business software to SaaS will allow you to access your data on a secure network from anywhere you have an internet connection. Not only will this allow you to access the data, but also the rest of your staff, and customers should you want them to see account history, allow them to re-order through a self-service portal, and so much more!

Q: Is Platform as a Service (PaaS) more up your alley?
A: Accessing an Operating System, Computing Power and Data Storage is all available through one portal. This means your Operating System is kept up to date by the vendor that is providing the service!

Q: Are you prepared to move your entire business to the cloud through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?
A: The most drastic upgrade is moving your Infrastructure to the cloud – but this can also be the most rewarding. Typically, you’ll only lease the equipment required to service your business. Equipment available in the cloud includes servers, networking components, and data storage.



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