Preventative Maintenance

Protect your hardware investment

The correct preventative maintenance plan for your computers, servers, and appliances can prolong the life of your network. Preventative maintenance from AlphaKOR is easy to schedule, easy on the budget, and will minimize downtime for your business.

Server maintenance is critical. It is the central nervous system of your entire business. AlphaKOR will install updates, run diagnostics, apply patches, and test your system’s backup solution. Hardware components of the server are also inspected to ensure proper performance. Servers should be serviced every three months.

Each workstation is vital to your company’s productivity. Within the workstation we will update all available software and patches, perform security updates, and verify your virus protection is updated and functioning properly. Maintenance includes internal cleaning focusing on the cooling system, circuit boards, and power supply. Workstations should be serviced every six months.

Connectivity Appliances:
Connection issues and sluggish hardware resources are improved with regular inspections. AlphaKOR will check for accurate port and network connectivity speeds, as well as inspection of the hardware, power supply, connection cords, and cooling mechanisms. Connectivity appliances should be serviced every twelve months.


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