Web Applications

Custom web applications solve simple to complex business issues

When you introduce Web Applications to your business, you create a level of flexibility your organization has never seen. AlphaKOR has the capabilities to develop web based apps that can be used on your website, desktop, intranet, and mobile devices.

AlphaKOR has successfully developed and deployed web based apps for small consumer businesses, medium business to business organizations, and enterprise class organizations.


Custom Applications vs. Boxed Solutions

  • Custom applications will achieve exactly what you need. Boxed solutions require you to alter your business to meet the boxed features (and limitations).
  • Custom applications will integrate with any legacy system.
  • Web applications are extremely simple to maintain.
  • Web applications are built to scale to your business in the future, not just your business today.
  • With custom app development, you control the accessibility, permissions, and so much more.


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