Windows Applications

Lightweight solutions for your business

Windows Applications, or Thick Client Applications, are the right solution for your business if:

  • your company runs on an intranet setting.
  • a small number (even if it's only 1) of employees require access to the application.
  • you require a robust feature list and you cannot afford to be slowed down by an internet connection.

AlphaKOR has successfully deployed the following Windows Applications

Medical Software:

Designed for specialty clinics, this software solution used RFID to identify patients and track their visitation history, and medication dosage. Along with this solution, AlphaKOR was able to successfully integrate the solution as an extension to their pharmaceutical ERP system. As a result, the clinic was able to drastically decrease intake time, decrease manual error of visitation history and dosage, and decrease labour hours required to function at full capacity.

Lights Out Manufacturing Software:

In order to meet contract demands, our client needed to increase output without increasing billable hours. AlphaKOR successfully developed and deployed a "lights-out" manufacturing solution, allowing our client to add a fully automated shift, drastically increasing output without increasing labour costs.


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