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Managed IT Services | Digital Marketing | Software Development

Managed IT Services EBooks

Decrease expenses by eliminating IT downtime and keeping your business online. Topics covered include Help DeskCybersecurityOffice MigrationDisaster PlanningVirtual IT Staff, and Business Continuity.

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Ransomware Defense

The Ransomware Defense EBook provides insight into the state of ransomware from the perspective of the business owners and IT professionals who are dealing with these cyberattacks on a daily basis. This report includes ransomware data such as year over year trends, frequency, targets, impact, and recommendations.

IT Technician

The 10 Things Your IT Tech Wants You to Know EBook highlights the value of boosting your data security and incorporating preventative maintenance in your company. This guide covers the basics of preventative maintenance and working with your IT technician to reduce downtime and increase security features.

Digital Marketing EBooks

Increase revenue streams by targeting new consumers with digital marketing tactics. Topics covered include Paid AdvertisingWebsite DesignSearch Engine OptimizationContent Creation, and Social Media Advertising.

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Content Marketing

The Content is King & Queen EBook is a content-focused guide to aid in the creation of campaigns and strategies. Creating valuable content is a digital marketing strategy that applies to every sized company in every industry. Compelling content is the key to a customer base that is loyal and advocate for your brand and what you do.

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Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Guide EBook highlights the importance of having a digital marketing strategy that is strong and attainable. Tactics covered include search engine optimization and social media advertising.  This guide will teach the basics of creating a digital marketing strategy and how each digital platform can be utilized.

Software Development EBooks

Increase efficiency with custom software solutions that will make your operations easier. Topics covered include Application DevelopmentSoftware IntegrationsShopTalk Management Software, and Kare Business Software.

software development for business ebook

Project Planning

The What the CEO Wants to Know EBook highlights the power of creating a project proposal with the CEO’s perspective in mind. Your CEO needs to take into account the well-being of the company and its employees. This means the return on investment for every development project must be evaluated and attainable.

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