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  • Essentials SEO Package

  • $ 650 per month
    • Website SEO  Analysis
    • 25 Industry Keywords
    • On-Page Optimization
    • Dashboard Integration
    • Local Submissions
    • On-Site-Optimization
    • Customized Blog Page
    • 3 Blog Posts*
    • 1 Infographic*
    • 2 Guest Blog Posts*
    • Q&A Posting
    • 2 Social Profile Creations
    • Social Profile Basic Header Image
    • SEO Created Content Submissions
    • Content Curation – 2 Per Month
  • Professional SEO Package

  • $ 1300 per month
    • 50 Industry Keywords
    • Content Description Review
    • 3 Local Submissions*
    • Link Tag Review
    • 4 Blog Posts*
    • 1 Infographic*
    • 1 White Paper*
    • 1 Landing Page*
    • 3 Guest Blog Posts*
    • Press Release
    • 3 Social Profile Creations
    • SM Content Creation – 2 Per Month
    • Content Curation – 4 Per Month
  • Ultimate SEO Package

  • $ 2300 per month
    • 70 Industry Keywords
    • Rich Snippets Setup
    • 6 Local Submissions*
    • 5 Blog Posts*
    • 1 Infographic*
    • 1 White Paper*
    • 1 E-Book*
    • 2 Landing Pages*
    • 4 Guest Blog Posts*
    • 4 Social Profile Creations
    • SM Content Creation – 6 Per Month
    • Content Curation – 6 Per Month

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What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website discoverable in search engines. The sentence or few words you input into the search engine, commonly known as queries, are referred to in SEO as keywords. Using keywords Google, Yahoo and Bing link your query to the appropriate websites. SEO services optimize your website to target these specific search queries.

Using methods like keyword optimization, obtaining backlinks, creating original content and many additional strategies can boost your keyword rankings over time. That’s where we come in. AlphaKOR will audit your website to check all of these variables, including the health of your website to increase your online presence.

What is A Website SEO Analysis?

Once your SEO campaign begins we will perform multiple tests, audits and analysis’ to create a starting benchmark. This will help us track your SEO progress throughout the campaign.

Website Audit – We measure your site health by check any errors.

Backlink Analysis – untrustworthy backlinks can cause damage to your SEO score. We check to see if you have toxic backlinks and remove them.

Duplicate Content Analysis – Duplicate content can cause damage to your SEO score. We analyze your site and fix any duplicate errors.

Website Speed Analysis – A slow website will damage your SEO score. We review your site speed and optimize it for better performance.

Local Competition Analysis – We will look into your competition’s websites. We’ll create a report that will notify you what keywords they are ranking for, there backlink status and their trust flow.

Industry Keyword Analysis – We will conduct extensive research into your industry. Based off our data and your package we will choose the appropriate number of keywords to optimize on your site.

What is On-Page Optimization?

On-Page Optimization is the process of reviewing all of your pages so they have proper page setup for SEO. The tasks that we perform during this step include:

Page Title Setup/Review -We review and optimize the page title to make sure that it includes a keyword and proper positioning.

H1 Tag Setup/Review – H1 tag indicates the subject of the page. It is ideal to place a keyword in this tag for good SEO practices.

Page Meta Description – The meta description is for Search Engines. We optimize these tags with keywords and subject matter.

Image ALT Text Setup/Review –  Search Engines do not understand images. We will add short descriptions to ensure that search engines can understand what the image is depicting.

What is Dashboard Integration?

We will install different tools onto your website that tracks your site traffic. These tools include Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool. We will also create local submissions on Google, Bing and Apple to increase awareness of your business.

What is On-site optimization?

On-Site Optimization is the process of reviewing your site as a whole and optimizing the background tasks for improved SEO performance. The tasks that we perform during this step include:

What is On-site optimization? – Caching optimization will increase your site speed.

XML Sitemap Submission – An XML sitemap is submitted to search engines to increase the crawlability of your site, making sure no page is missed.

URL structure Review – When we perform a URL review, we double check that all your pages are linked up properly.

Canonical Tag Implementation – If our duplicate content analysis report shows positive, we will implement the canonical tag to indicate the original source.

Caching Optimization – We will perform a sub-page title and URL review so that all your pages all well documented and can be found through existing links on your site.

Website Crawl Errors – Our website Audit report will indicate any crawl errors on your site. We will fix these using redirects.

HTML Sitemap Submission – An HTML sitemap is for users. If your site has many pages and categories a sitemap will navigate the viewers to their destination quickly.

Why should you hire a professional for SEO services?

AlphaKOR has over 20 years of experience in the WindsorEssex Technology and Innovation Sector. We have an experience team with extensive training and knowledge in SEO. There is no doubt you could perform this service yourself, however, our team has dozens of hours of learning how to optimize SEO and a dozen more to implement it properly onto your website.

At AlphaKOR, we pride ourselves with the practice of ethical SEO habits.  Not knowing proper SEO tactics could cause your website more damage than good. Unethical SEO practices include such activities as; Keyword Stuffing, untrustworthy backlinks and cloaking (hidden content) which are easy mistakes to make. Google will penalize your website if it finds any of these unethical SEO tactics.   These penalties will result in your website ranking significantly lower many pages deep making it difficult to find your website.

In summary, hiring a professional will save you time and will grant you the peace of mind knowing your website is in safe and secure hands with good results surpassing your goals.

Will you create new copy or work with our existing content?

In the first month we will be working with your existing content. We will simply tweak it where we feel it is necessary, optimizing sentence structure, making sure its viewer friendly, adding keywords and descriptions, etc. In the second month on is when new content will be created. Depending on the package you have purchased we will be creating anywhere from 1 to 5 pieces of new content per month.

What kind of links will you be building and how?

We will work to acquire your website links from trusted root domains, increasing your websites authority and ranking. We will be using link building strategies that include, but is not limited to content creation, guest blog posting, infographic creation, etc.

We will then spread the inbound links we obtain over pages that are relevant to the topic of pages we are posting on. We will not send everything to your home page if there is a more relevant page somewhere deeper in your site.

How much time is needed from our in-house team?

Ultimately, it comes down to how happy you are to make the agency autonomous, allowing them to make changes without you signing off. If you are happy to do that, you don’t need to commit much of your time at all. However, if you want to sign everything off, which is advisable at least in the early stages while you build trust, you will need to commit a little bit of time to get involved.