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Software Development Services

Programming and Custom Development Solutions for Businesses

sales staff using crm software

Kare CRM Software

Customer relationship management is made simple with a database filled with your customers, information, a history of interactions, quote, and sales data and campaigns. 

processing plant using erp software

Kare ERP Software

Project management, manufacturing, procurement and accounting are a few of the activities an ERP system ties together, automates processes and allows data to communicate between them.

warehouse worker sending files to remote office

Kare FTP Software

Kare FTP is a secure File Transfer Protocol software that offers a collaborative and secure workspace for multiple users, with multiple security settings. Kare FTP offers various packages to suit your needs.


Kare HR Software

Kare HR is the right time clock solution for your business. It offers both an easy-to-use web interface and a mobile interface, which is perfect for any organization that has staff on the go.

engineer standing in machine shop

ShopTalk Software

Software development for the manufacturing industry. Virtually eliminate downtime, miscommunication, and time-consuming data management!


App Development

We can make your app dream a reality. Our extensive experience in the custom software development field allows us to navigate high-priority projects with ease. 


Software Integrations

Whether your legacy systems need to share data with your new applications or your accounting and marketing platforms have to be in sync – we program the processes in between to make all your systems act as one!