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App Development

What we need from you is your vision; an app that could benefit your company. From there we can create a fully customized mobile app for IOS and/or Android phones and tablets, a cross-platform web app, or a single page application. The most important thing to understand when developing an app is the reason. We can help you understand your reason. Why will it benefit the consumer and give them a unique consumer experience that is completely singular to your brand?


We bring your software ideas to life

Our extensive experience in the custom software development field allows us to navigate high-priority projects with ease. We can make your app dream a reality.


Industry-Specific App Development

AlphaKOR Group has experience developing software for a variety of business verticals, including Finance, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Fitness, Sports, User, Banking, Accommodation, Lifestyle, Social, and Loyalty applications.

More Information

Android is the world’s leading mobile app platform so if you want to make it on the International market, you’ve got to have an Android app. It will help you:

  • Create additional sales channels
  • Increase business service integration
  • Increase opportunity in a growing market


We’ll make an app that will please your customer’s aesthetic feel and help them connect with your brand. IOS mobile app will help you:

  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Increase brand credibility
  • Increase profits


Web apps and single-page applications have risen in popularity – largely due to their cross-platform nature (unlike native iOS and Android apps). We develop single-page applications using Angular2+ framework. Web apps allow businesses to:

  • Optimize online offerings and usability
  • Decrease expenses with a 3-in-1 app
  • Increase efficiency with synch database capability


Schedule a Meeting with AlphaKOR

When an AlphaKORian is assigned to help you market your business, no stone gets left unturned. You will have a comprehensive understanding of how you can market your business to reach your goals, at your budget allowance.

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