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Kare HR Software

Kare HR is the right time clock solution for your business. It offers both an easy to use web interface and a mobile interface, which is perfect for any organization that has staff on the go. You’ll enjoy features such as unlimited users, accessibility from anywhere with internet, real-time in/out board, and job and employee management.


Time and Attendance

Using a secure biometric solution, Kare HR tracks your employees’ time and attendance in an easy-to-use interface.


Job Costing Module

Kare HR effectively manages your job costs, as well as customer and vendor databases.


Cloud Solution

We offer a cloud-based solution to get you up and running if you prefer to have AlphaKOR manage Kare HR.


Sign In Anywhere

Kare HR is ideal for companies with employees on the go, with mobile geo-tracked sign-in capabilities.


Hosted On Site

Manage the software on your own network. We provide software installation and training.


Dedicated Support

Kare HR has a dedicated team that provides phone and remote support to it’s users 24/7.

More Information

Kare HR uses a dependable biometric system and easy-to-use web application to swiftly and securely log in employees. Biometrics has become popular in time and attendance solutions because it is nearly impossible to duplicate a fingerprint and clock out on behalf of another staff member.

  • Prevents Buddy Punching
  • Easy to Use USB Plugin
  • Saves Time and Money

Kare HR’s mobile interface is perfect for any organization that has staff on the go. No more wasting time and money coming into work just to sign in only to leave to a job site immediately. Whether you have staff working at a client site or a remote location, KareHR will verify their exact location and address via smartphone GPS so you can be assured they are at the job site and on time.

  • Geo-Location Stamping
  • Sign-In on the Job
  • Monitor and Track Employee Locations
  • Easily Accessible From Any Mobile Device

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