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February 8, 2024

Apple Vision Pro Release, Facebook Phishing Scam, and More

This Week In Tech, we talk about the release of Apple Vision Pro, a new Facebook Phishing Scam, and Amazon's AI tool for Shopping.
Written By: AlphaKOR

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Apple Vision Pro Released

The Apple Vision Pro features Apple’s spatial operating system, visionOS, which blends the virtual and real worlds. The headset offers a captivating experience, allowing users to feel like virtual elements are physically present. It supports various functions, including taking photos and videos, streaming entertainment, and making FaceTime calls. Released on Feb. 2, the Vision Pro is currently available at all U.S. Apple Store locations and online, starting at $3,499 USD with pricing variations based on upgrades. Additional costs include $99 for optical inserts, $149 for prescription lenses, $200 for extra storage upgrades, and an optional $499 for AppleCare+. Apple Vision Pro is set to expand its availability to additional countries later in the year. However, the company has not disclosed the specific countries, the price point, nor the precise timeline for this global rollout.

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Photo Credit: Flickr

New Facebook Phishing Scam

A new Facebook phishing scam begins with a deceptive post from a friend that says, “I can’t believe he is gone. I’m gonna miss him so much.”, accompanied by a link to a non-existent news article or video. Clicking the link redirects users to a fake login page, capturing their Facebook credentials. Scammers use compromised accounts to spread these deceitful messages, appearing genuine as they stem from friends and family. Falling for the scam grants scammers access to your account, enabling them to replicate the message. To protect against such attacks, enable multi-factor authentication, verify questionable posts directly with friends, and be aware that these scams are not exclusive to Facebook but can target any social media platform.

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Photo Credit: Unsplash

Amazon Launches AI called Rufus

Amazon has introduced a new AI assistant for shopping called Rufus. This tool is designed to assist users in searching and shopping for products. Users can input or speak questions into the search bar, triggering a chat window in the Amazon mobile app. Rufus responds to conversational inquiries, utilizing Amazon’s product catalog, customer reviews, Q&As, and web information to provide detailed answers and enhance the shopping experience for customers.

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