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August 9, 2023

Windsor-Based program granted $2.3M, Tesla’s new CyberTruck and More

This Week In Tech, we talk about a Windsor-Based program being granted $2.3M, Tesla's new CyberTruck and Enhancing the Security of iPhone devices.
Written By: AlphaKOR

Photo Credit: CAWIC on Flickr


The grant will be led by Windsor-based non-profit Build a Dream

This initiative spans over a 30-month project period and focuses on several key areas: Career Coaches for Women, National Leadership Conference, National Research Project, and Community Resource Development. Canada is facing a significant need for skilled trades workers. With an estimated requirement of 309,000 new skilled trades workers in the next decade, the initiative is responding to this demand by creating avenues for women to enter and excel in these fields. By addressing gender disparities and offering tailored support, the initiative aims to contribute to a more diverse and skilled workforce in Canada’s trades sector.

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Most anticipated EV release in history

The launch of Tesla’s Cybertruck has generated a lot of anticipation and excitement in the electric vehicle (EV) market. Industry experts, such as Barclays analyst Dan Levy and Mark Wakefield from AlixPartners, have shared their insights on how Tesla’s entry into the pickup truck market could potentially disrupt the industry. Both experts likely considered factors such as pricing, performance, range, charging infrastructure, and consumer preferences when discussing the Cybertruck’s potential impact. The anticipation surrounding the Cybertruck launch reflects the broader trend of EVs gaining traction in the automotive market, with Tesla often leading the way in innovation and market disruption.

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Prevent yourself from being locked out of your own device

To protect yourself from iPhone thieves locking you out of your own device, you can take several precautionary steps to enhance the security of your device and minimize the chances of unauthorized access. Here’s some of the things you can do: Use Strong Passcodes or Passwords, Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Regularly Back Up your Data, Enable Touch ID or Face ID, Be Cautious of Public Spaces, etc.. While these steps can significantly reduce the risk of iPhone theft and unauthorized access, it’s important to stay vigilant and prepared. No security measure is completely foolproof, but by implementing these precautions, you can greatly enhance the security of your device and your personal data.

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