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August 4, 2023

Worldcoin biometric verification, EV Battery Plant in Windsor hiring and More

This Week In Tech, we talk about Worldcoin biometric verification, Nextstar Energy hiring for the new EV battery plant in Windsor and Google will be deleting unused Gmail accounts.
Written By: AlphaKOR

Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson on Flickr


How will iris scanning verify your identity?

The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman along with Alex Blania and Max Novendstern, created Worldcoin in 2019 to try and solve a problem, proving that you are human. With artificial intelligence advancements, creating fake and believable humans through email, voice or video, is becoming easier. Worldcoin creates a new form of digital identification by scanning a person’s iris, the coloured part of your eye, which is as individual as a fingerprint.

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Photo Credit: Doug McCaughan on Flickr


Hiring spree has begun for the Windsor plant

On Monday, Nextstar Energy announced that they have begun hiring workers for the biggest electric vehicle battery plant in the world. The plant will be hiring 2500 workers once it’s open in 2025 but for now, they will be hiring 130 employees for their launch team. Applications can be submitted on the company’s website, or their social media pages. NextStar is looking for 30 people in finance, human resources and communications as well as 100 engineers and technicians.

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Photo Credit: Cairo on Flickr


Google sends emails to users with unused accounts

Google will be sending out emails to users with inactive Gmail accounts as a new security initiative. Abandoned accounts are vulnerable to attacks as they are less likely to have two-factor authentication turned on. Emails will be sent out to users who haven’t logged in in two years in December 2023, if there’s no activity afterwards or the user doesn’t manually close the account, Google will delete the account and prevent the associated email address to be used again.

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