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July 20, 2023

Augmented Reality in Marketing, Meta Launches Threads and More

This Week In Tech, we talk about using augmented reality in marketing, using robots for grocery delivery and Meta's new Threads app.
Written By: AlphaKOR

Photo Credit: EFFER LECEBE on Flickr


How successful is augmented reality?

AR marketing can be a powerful tool for brands to create memorable and interactive connections with their consumers. By providing entertaining and value-added experiences through AR, brands can increase customer engagement, brand loyalty, and ultimately drive sales.

AR campaigns can provide valuable data and insights on consumer behavior and preferences. Brands can analyze how users interact with the AR content, how long they engage with it, and which elements are the most effective in driving conversions.

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Photo Credit: Joe Flood on Flickr


How do you feel about a delivery robot?

Since the end of last year, shoppers in some UK cities have had their supply delivered by robots. This newer service is being described as environmentally friendly and potentially helpful in reducing food waste.┬áThe technology behind this service is referred to as “cutting-edge,” suggesting that it incorporates advanced and innovative solutions.

One of the key benefits highlighted is that this service is particularly beneficial for residents who may face difficulties in going out and about, potentially due to mobility issues or other challenges. By offering a delivery option for groceries and essentials, the service aims to provide greater accessibility and convenience for these residents. Additionally, the mention of the service being environmentally friendly implies that it may have sustainability-focused features, such as using eco-friendly delivery methods or supporting local produce.

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Photo Credit: 360 El Salvador on Flickr


Could the excitement for this app over?

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, launched a Twitter competitor called Threads, which initially gained an impressive number of user signups. Within less than a week, the app surpassed 100 million user sign-ups, indicating a high level of initial interest and excitement around the service.

However, the enthusiasm surrounding Threads seems to have depleted considerably just two weeks after its launch. According to a report published by web traffic analysis firm Similarweb, the app’s daily active users dropped from 49 million shortly after the launch, to 23.6 million users by the end of the reported period, indicating a substantial decline in active user participation.

In addition to the decline in daily active users, the app’s average usage time significant reduced as well. Initially, users spent an average of 21 minutes on the app, but has dropped to just 6 minutes over the same period.

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