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May 26, 2023

Windsor using AI to find potholes, Ottawa’s C-18 bill, and More

This Week In Tech, we talk about how AI is helping Windsor Maintenance crews to find and fix potholes, Ottawa's fight with tech giants over bill C-18 and how Twitter Spaces crashed during a large event.
Written By: AlphaKOR
Twitter owner Elon Musk at a conference
Photo Credit: Wikimedia on WikiCommons


How stable is Twitter Spaces?

On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, Twitter launched its first use of Spaces, a virtual live audio chat stream. Soon after the session was started, users experienced audio interference and a sudden crash. With the instability of the platform, users are raising concerns over maintaining a reliable live stream for such a large audience base. Some speculate on what caused the stream to crash, ranging from deliberate interference to a technical glitch. Twitter has yet to release a statement on the event.



How will Bill C-18 affect Canada’s relationship with Google and Meta?

The Government of Canada is trying to level the playing field for smaller businesses when it comes to privacy, data protection and competition. Bill C-18 will affect large tech companies such as Google, Meta and Amazon by regulating the posting of news articles on their sites. This bill sheds light on the importance of finding a comprehensive solution that benefits both the digital economy and Canadian society as a whole.

Photo Credit: kairgid Flicker


The City of Windsor vs Potholes

Every driver knows how annoying potholes are, and how long it takes to get them filled in. The City of Windsor’s maintenance department will be using 3 new AI devices developed by CityROVER to detect where those pesky potholes are and fix them faster. The devices work like a dashcam but it gets attached to the back of a smartphone rather than a rearview mirror. While using the device a maintenance worker just needs to drive near a pothole and the AI marks its location on a GPS and sends that information to the maintenance office. Where a crew will be dispatched to the area to fix the pothole.