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November 24, 2023

AI In Motorsport and Hospitals, Canadian Cybersecurity, and More

This Week In Tech, we talk about AI in F1 racing, AI-powered hospital screenings, and Canadian cybersecurity legislation.
Written By: AlphaKOR

AI In Ontario Hospitals

Preventative Screening More Effective

With the recent surge in the adoption of AI technology, the medical field stands out as a primary beneficiary of this advanced technology. Cambridge Memorial Hospital is the first hospital to adopt AI technology for clinical use in Ontario. The hospital is using an AI program, Rho, to screen patients for low bone mineral density (BMD). BMD can cause many medical issues in older patients, with the primary concern being osteoporosis. Rho is able to analyze X-rays from patients to determine if they are at risk for BMD. This implementation not only marks a significant milestone for Cambridge Memorial Hospital but also serves as a compelling demonstration of AI technology’s effectiveness as a preventive screening tool.

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F1’s New AI Analysts

Motorsport Using AI To Track Violations

While AI has proven its value in critical fields such as medicine, it also finds application in sports and entertainment, exemplified by its new role in F1 racing. This weekend, during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, a cutting-edge AI technology underwent testing to monitor instances where racers exceeded track limits, thereby committing infractions. The FIA, the governing body of motorsports, has spoken of the ineffectiveness of using few humans to analyze hundreds of corners for violations. The use of AI would allow for clear non-violations to be eliminated. Leveraging AI not only streamlines the identification of clear non-violations but also enables human analysts to focus on a more refined set of potential infractions. The successful incorporation of AI in motorsport not only enhances the sport’s integrity but also underscores the technology’s adaptability, signaling potential applications in other sports.

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Cybersecurity In Canadian Hospitals

Push For New Security Measures

With the recent major cyberattack that targeted 5 Ontario hospitals, changes are being proposed to mitigate the likelihood of future attacks. This attack is one of over a dozen cyberattacks on Canadian health information systems. Ranking at 10th in the world for cyber breaches, many cybersecurity experts have called for measures to be taken. The federal government has made an effort to push legislation that would give Ottawa authority to access confidential information. This would allow them to instruct infrastructure operators on attack preparations. Additionally, researchers have recommended following standard practices set by the U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology. These four preventive practices are using anti-virus and VPN software; being aware of phishing emails; having strong passwords; and using MFA.

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