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June 9, 2023

St. Clair to launch a new Workforce Pilot Program, Nova Scotia’s data theft and More

This Week In Tech, we talk about St. Clair's new Workforce Pilot Program, how Nova Scotia is one of the first victims in the MOVEit security exploitation and Apple's new Vision Pro.
Written By: AlphaKOR

Apple Storefront

Photo Credit: matcuz on Pixabay


How will artificial reality tech help enhance remote work?

Apple’s Vision Pro aims to help remote work setups with the power of augmented reality. From virtual meetings and presentations to interactive 3D modeling and design, the Vision Pro provides a highly immersive and realistic experience. The device’s spatial audio capabilities enhance communication and collaboration, making it feel like colleagues are in the same room. Additionally, the Vision Pro’s ergonomic design and lightweight build ensure comfort during prolonged use. Overall, Apple’s Vision Pro has the potential to revolutionize the way remote work is conducted by bridging the physical and virtual worlds and creating a more seamless and productive work environment.

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Photo Credit: TheGervs on Pixabay


St. Clair college students to mentor K-12 students in science and technology

St. Clair College received a $500,000 grant from OVIN (Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network) to help launch a new program geared towards post-secondary students to create a fun and relaxed mentorship with k-12 students. The workforce pilot program will encourage students to pursue a career in automotive, skilled trades and robotics. The pilot program is slated to start in September of this year.

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Photo Credit: Peter on Pixabay


Government of Nova Scotia is North America’s first reported victim

On Sunday, it was announced the the popular file transfer service MOVEit had a confirmed data theft of personal information of some residents in Nova Scotia. The government of Nova Scotia officials are conducting an investigation into what information was taken and how many people it affected. Progress, the company that runs MOVEit made several of their clients aware of this cyberattack on June 1st. The cybersecurity incident is said to have impacted “approximately 2,500 organizations worldwide” according to the University of Rochester, also a victim of the attack. Nova Scotia and the University have urged users to change their passwords, use multi-factor authentication and to check their credit card accounts for any suspicious activity.

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